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This is a spaceship of my own design, and was painted in 1993. The ship is painted in watercolour and is 20 inches long. Framed in silver guilt, it currently hangs in my studio.
This ship developed out of a storyline I was writing at the time. in fact, this story is still going on as, from time to time, I add a little more background for a series of stories of science fiction wrapped around historical and contemporary fact. As I was working on the background for the stories, it became apparent I needed a Starship of two, so after some sketching and much thinking of ship types, specification and the requirements for the stories, the realisation set in that I needed a lot more than just a couple of ships. A complete fleet was needed with its history, development and of course some spectacular characters to operate them. It gave me considerable pleasure dreaming up this stuff, and I am sure that many would agree with me that it would be fantastic if these fabulous ships were real.
So here we go with some details of the fleet.

Over 3000 feet long with a mass of 225,000 tons, a crew compliment of about 1000 armed with arrays of the most deadly weapons, with its awesome faster than light drive enabling interstellar travel with ease, this ship is indeed the stuff that dreams are made of.


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